Today’s Reading List: Website Explores Sugar’s Effects on Health

Today at Ontario’s Doctors, we take a look at new project from a group of scientists that helps the public understand how much sugar they are really eating.

Most people know that too much sugar can be bad for you. To reinforce this research a dozen scientists at three universities have started a new website called to educate the public on precisely how too much sugar can make people sick. The site offers advice on how people identify added sugars in food and reduce their intake to lower levels. The websites contains engaging images and graphics to explain how sugar affects different areas of the body. These image can be printed as fliers or shared on social networking sites.

The New York Times brings us this story:

The goal of this is to provide just the unbiased science,” Dr. Lustig said, “in a way that the public can come to its own conclusions.

The average American consumes nearly three times the recommended amount of added sugar every day, which is taking a tremendous toll on our nation’s health,” said Laura Schmidt, a professor at the U.C.S.F. medical school, who is also involved in the project. This is the ironclad science that establishes the causative link between sugar and chronic disease across the population.

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