Today’s Reading List: Research suggests exercise can slow the effects of Alzheimer’s

Today at Ontario’s Doctors, we look at the benefits of exercise as we age.

Maintaining an active lifestyle into old age has benefits that reach beyond heart health. Research has shown that physical activity can ward off dementia, but research has also uncovered that the same might be true for Alzheimer’s.

“Our cognitive ability is going to decline with age. The good news is you can control the rate of that decline,” said Dr. Jennifer Heisz, a professor at McMaster studying the effect of physical activity on brain health.

So what kinds of activities can be helpful? The article suggests complex activities like gardening and team sports that have social and cognitive components.

While genetics has a lot to do with whether a person will experience dementia, Heisz said controllable factors such as inactivity, diabetes, hypertension, obesity and smoking also play a part.

For more on physical activity and Alzheimer’s, visit the Norfolk News.

Posted on November 21, 2014 in Health in the News, Reading List

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