Today’s Reading List: How to fit exercise into your busy schedule

There is no doubt most of us want to exercise more often, but work, family and life in general seems to always get in the way.

Still, the benefits of exercise are nearly endless – decreased stress, increased energy and happiness, improved fitness and a decrease in heart disease and stroke, to name just a few.

The Globe and Mail listed 11 ways to help you fit exercise into your schedule. Here are a few of them.

Make an appointment with your body This is the most important strategy for success. Schedule it into your calender and show up for the appointment. It is that simple. Reserve the most convenient time slot each day for working out and don’t let anything else interfere. Treat it like a work meeting.

Make it fun Choosing activities you enjoy will help you stick with your program. Walking, running, cycling, yoga, weights, martial arts, dance, various fitness classes – the options are endless. The key to being fit is consistency and you are more likely to be consistent if you do what you find fun.

Join a group In a group fitness class, your instructor will do all the thinking for you and lead you through a balanced routine designed to be safe and challenging. If you feel like slacking, being with a motivating instructor and having others around can help keep you on target. In addition, the group exercise class can boost your social life. A number of my group members have become great friends.

Visit The Globe and Mail to read about other ways to boost the amount of exercise you get in your week.

Posted on November 6, 2014 in Health in the News, Reading List

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