For Ontario’s doctors, it’s simple: there’s no job more important than the health of you and your family. Watch these videos to learn more about some very special examples of how Ontario’s doctors are putting you, our patients, first.

Dr. Nicole Callan

Meet Dr. Nicole Callan from Oakville, Ontario. Dr. Callan is a general surgeon who specializes in breast cancer surgeries; the fulfillment of a lifelong calling.

Dr. Darren Cargill

Meet Dr Darren Cargill from Windsor. Dr Cargill provides care and support to palliative care patients in the community, helping patients realize their dreams and live their lives on their terms.

Dr. Atilio Costa-Vitali

Meet Dr. Atilio Costa-Vitali. He helps patients with heart disease manage their symptoms from the comfort of their own homes. Watch how he puts his #‎patientsfirst.

Dr. Jennifer Brasch

Meet Jennifer Brasch. She treats patients with addiction and mental health disorders, helping bring hope and light back into their lives. #PatientsFirst.

Dr. Jeffrey Turnbull

Meet Dr. Jeffrey Turnbull from Ottawa, Ontario. Dr. Turnbull works with Ottawa’s most vulnerable population to address the impacts of social inequity on health.

Dr. Doris Mitchell

This is Dr. Doris Mitchell. Three years ago she moved back to her hometown of Chapleau, Ontario, in order to provide health care care to the people in her community. Watch how she puts  #patientsfirst.

Dr. Melanie Penner

Meet Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital’s Dr. Melanie Penner. Through diagnosis, Dr. Penner opens doors for patients with autism and their families.

Dr. Stephen Kosar

Meet Dr. Stephen Kosar. He puts #patientsfirst by providing vision care to those who need it most in Ear Falls and Kenora, Ontario.

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