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Letter to Minister Hoskins

Dear Minister Hoskins,

In response to your letter of April 26 2016, and further to our request to meet today, I understand our officials are now currently organizing a time to meet. It is our expectation at this meeting that we will establish the terms of reference for mediation/arbitration. As is common with negotiations across the Ontario public sector, success hinges on setting out fair and clear rules for the negotiations process in advance of formal talks. I thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

While Ontario’s doctors are eager to secure an agreement, it would be irresponsible to our patients to accept anything less than a permanent and stable framework, which includes long-term binding arbitration. Rather than a quick fix, Ontario’s doctors are focused on strengthening health care for generations to come.

Ontario’s health-care system is at its best when doctors and government work together to strengthen the quality of care our patients need and deserve. We look forward to resuming our discussions in the appropriate forum, which I hope you agree is direct one-on-one conversations.

Dr. Michael Toth,

Posted on April 27, 2016 in Campaign Media

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