Heat Preparedness

Hot summer weather and extreme heat events (which are hot, humid days with warm nights) can put people at risk of suffering a heat illness. Heat illnesses include heat exhaustion, heat edema (swelling of hands and feet), heat rash, and the most serious, heat stroke. Heat stroke is a medical emergency, and must be quickly attended to with medical care and cooling methods.

There are many ways to protect yourself and others from heat illnesses. The resources linked on the this page provide detailed information about heat illness, risk factors, and how to protect children and yourself from the heat, especially if you have been physically active through outdoor work or exercise, or if you are a senior.

These fact sheets can be downloaded and printed – take a look and keep them handy around the house.  Talk to your doctor if you think you or your children are at greater risk of suffering a heat illness due to medications or a medical condition.

Together, we can all beat the heat over the summer months.


  1. Children: Keep Kids Cool
  2. Seniors: Beat the Heat
  3. Physical Activity: Change your Pace

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