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Tools and Resources

  • Strengthening Ontario’s End-of-Life Continuum: Advice Regarding the Role of Residential Hospices Report by the Residential Hospice Working Group (Work Group). This report contains key evidence-based advice for advancing Ontario’s end-of-life continuum of care with a focus on evidence-based planning, capacity and resource allocation models.
  • Environmental Scan for Strengthening Residential Hospice Care in Ontario
    A detailed analysis of the current state of residential hospices in Ontario and contains the evidence base which informed the Residential Hospice Working Group’s advice. This is a useful resource for organizations working to improve the quality and value of care at end-of-life to Ontario residents.
  • Canadian Virtual Hospice
    The Canadian Virtual Hospice website provides support and information about palliative and end-of-life care to patients, family members, health care providers, researchers and educators. Discussion forums are available for providers and patients.
  • website was developed and is maintained by Ontario’s CCACs to consolidate current information tools and databases into a single solution. Health and community services information are available for each region, with a dedicated section on end of life care (found under ‘health topics’)
  • Home Care Ontario paper on ‘Enabling Palliative Care at Home’ This paper from Home Care Ontario discusses the importance of shifting the paradigm to home and addressing key challenges to successful palliative care at home

    End of Life Planning & Care

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