End of Life Planning & Care

End of Life Planning & Care

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Death is an innate part of life and a universal experience. 100% of us are going to die, yet death and dying remains one of the few taboo subjects of our developed 21st century society.

Ontario’s doctors are committed to ensuring the highest quality of life possible during your end of life. The Ontario Medical Association has developed a Framework for End-of-Life Care that identifies the key elements for high quality end of life care. With some reflection, dialogue, planning and access to palliative care, we can improve patients’ and family experiences at end of life. The elements are outlined below and this web page links to resources and tools related to preparing for end-of-life. And, as always, talk to your physician about your concerns and terminology you may not understand.

Below you will find some information about end of life care.

  • End of Life Care Strategy Framework
    The OMA’s End of Life Care strategy – a framework articulating our goals and steps to implementation
  • Definitions
    Breaking down the language: commonly used terms and words in end of life care
  • Substitute Decision Makers
    Who decides for you when you cannot – the order in accordance with the Health Care Consent Act

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