Doctors’ Day

Celebrating Doctors’ Day in Ontario

Starting May 1st and continuing throughout the month of May, the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) and health-care organizations across the province will be recognizing the extraordinary contributions made by Ontario doctors in the health care system.

Every day, more than 335,000 patients across the province are treated and cared for by doctors. Whether it’s in a hospital, a long-term care home, a clinic or at a patient’s home, Ontario’s doctors are making a positive difference in the lives of patients by providing high-quality care.

All too often, doctors are depicted as just another cog in the health care machine. It is easy to forget the real sacrifices that doctors regularly make on behalf of their patients. Whether it is forfeited time with loved ones, long work hours or the burden of the many life-and-death decisions they face; it is important to recognize and celebrate the human elements of the profession. As a means of recognizing all the wonderful things Ontario’s doctors do, this year the OMA is profiling a wide variety of doctors (specialties, demographics, locations) to highlight the defining moments –good, bad, ugly or beautiful– that have helped shape their lives, careers and/or journey to become a physician. The OMA’s ‘Defining Moment’ series provides doctors a chance to share their story, raw and unfiltered.

OMA Defining Moment Series

Click the navigation arrows on either side of the graphic below to explore the entire Defining Moment series.

All Ontarians can participate by recognizing their doctors via social media by tweeting using the hashtag #LoveMyMD. We invite patients to celebrate a ‘defining moment’ from their relationship with their own doctor. Patients can tweet their ‘moment’ using the hashtag #DefiningMoment. We would also encourage patients to join the conversation by leaving a comment on any of our Doctors’ Day tweets or Facebook posts on our Facebook page.


In addition to our own initiative, the OMA is providing individuals and partner organizations, with a Doctors’ Day communications toolkit (includes key messaging, an electronic Doctors’ Day poster, fast facts, sample tweets, etc.) to support their internal and external communications activities. Please click the links to download the toolkit and printable poster.

If you have any questions on this initiative, please contact Gibb McGugan at

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