CIHI Report doesn’t show full strain placed on Ontario health system

Toronto, Sept 29, 2015 – Ontario’s 28,000 doctors go to work every day to put our patients first. For us, it’s simple: there’s no job more important than the health of our patients.

CIHI’s report release today shows that Ontario continues to have one of the lowest doctor-to-population ratios in the country, lower than all provinces except Manitoba, Saskatchewan and PEI.

With a growing and aging population, it’s no secret that Ontario’s publicly-funded health care system will be put under immense strain. The strain caused by the complex health care needs of our aging population is not captured in CIHI’s analysis.

The decisions we make today will impact patients’ access to quality care in the years to come.

At a time when Ontario is growing, when demand for quality, patient-focused care is up, the government’s approach of cutting the funding needed for the increasing demand for physician services is not the way we solve the serious problems facing our health care system.

Ontario’s doctors are committed to working together to protect the quality, patient-focused care Ontario’s families deserve.

Our patients deserve nothing less.

Dr. Mike Toth,
Ontario Medical Association

Posted on September 29, 2015 in Campaign Media

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