Health care in Ontario is at risk – Protect Patient Care

Right now, patient care is being threatened in Ontario. The government has passed Bill 41, a deeply flawed piece of legislation that makes fundamental changes to primary care in Ontario.

This bill allows politicians and bureaucrats to prioritize their decisions about the health-care system over the care needs of patients. It gives government the power to over-ride the expertise of physicians and local health-care providers in order to ration care and stay within their budget instead of putting the well-being of patients first.

The Ontario government will be spending scarce health-care dollars on creating more bureaucracy, which results in less funding going towards front-line care.
Ontario’s doctors do not believe these changes were made in the best interest of our patients. To date, the government continues to ignore our concerns and chosen not to consult meaningfully with doctors who are providing patient care on the front lines. This is why it is so important that you add your voice to Ontario’s 29,000 doctors who want to see patients get access to the care they need.

Take action now. Tell your MPP that you want to see the government work meaningfully with doctors to improve patient care.

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Thank you for your support!

Sign a physician-led petition on Bill 41

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