Advance Care Planning

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Advance care planning refers to the process of deliberating about your values and beliefs about end of life care and then communicating those wishes to loved ones, your substitute decision maker and health care providers. Anyone may engage in advance care planning at ANY stage of life. It is a process that plans for the time when you become incapable of consenting to or refusing treatment and care.

Below you will find useful tools and resources to assist you in advance care planning

  • OMA’s Backgrounder on Advance Care Planning
    This background paper (backgrounder) provides additional context on our goal to increase the number of Ontarians who engage in Advance Care Planning
  • Speak Up Website
    Campaign focusing on starting conversations around advanced care planning
  • Speak Up Advance Care Planning Workbook
    A free downloadable workbook including forms and information
  • Wallet Card
    A free downloadable wallet card to name your substitute decision maker

End of Life Planning & Care

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