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We’re Ontario’s 28,000 doctors.

Every day, we go to work to put our patients first. For us, there’s no job more important than your health. But with a growing and aging population, providing quality, patient-focused care is getting harder and harder.

Millions of Ontarians across the province are planning now for the care they’ll need and depend on as they age. At the same time, Ontario’s government is cutting funding for the care your doctor provides. It’s cutting funding for the care you need and depend on, imposing a hard cap on the amount it funds.

That’s why we launched this campaign. It’s time the government put patients first. But government won’t do it unless it hears from you.

At a time when Ontario’s health-care system is under immense strain and when demand for quality-patient focused care is on the rise, we need to take action to ensure we’ll all have the care we need and deserve in the years to come.

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