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Todays Reading List: How does a child’s brain change when learning math?

Today at @ontariosdoctors we look at how a child’s brain changes as they learn math. Also, we look at how aerobic exercise for seniors can improve brain function. According to new research, conducting regular addition and multiplication drills with your kids may pay off. Children between the ages of eight and nine begin to make…

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Today’s Reading List: Why do teens need more sleep?

Today at @ontariosdoctors we look at why adolescents need more sleep than children or adults. Also, we discuss the importance of a balanced diet for expectant mothers. Studies indicate teens should get between eight and one- half to nine and one-half hours of sleep per night. According to research, sleep deprivation may have consequences on…

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Today’s Reading List: Why do people yawn?

Today at @ontariosdoctors we consider why yawning can be contagious. Also, we look at the effects of eating instant noodles on your health. Yawning is a common and potentially embarrassing behaviour often associated with sleep deprivation. However, new research suggests yawning may come from several origins and serve various functions. Researchers who have studied yawning…

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Today’s Reading List: Can a cancer drug trigger hair growth?

Today at @ontariosdoctors we look at a cancer drug that may have the ability to cure a type of hair loss. Also, we consider what types of food can satisfy hunger for longer. New research suggests the cancer drug, ruxolitinib, may start re-growth of hair in those suffering from alopecia, a type of hair loss.…

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Today’s Reading List: Can a trigger in the brain control hunger?

Today at @ontariosdoctors we consider whether a simple switch in the brain can control hunger. Also we look at why it is important to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Scientists have recently discovered that a very small network of cells in the brain known as amygdala, may have the ability to…

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